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Website Design and Development


For many years we have worked on website design and development projects for a number of clients. The work has been of a wide range of requirements which we have met time and time again. We provide a full range of website design services to meet your every need. We deliver websites that not only look great but function great. This is thanks to our graphic design background coupled with solid coding knowledge.

In recent times, we have found a vast number of businesses using our service after other companies have fallen short of required expectations. We constantly hear many complaints about other companies but the complaints are all similar. Over inflated prices, hidden costs, retaining fees on small jobs, little understanding of the clients needs and no personal approach. All of these issues are addressed at Ikonn, which is precisely why all of our clients are happy with our service.

Whether the new buzz word of the moment is IA, UX or UI Development, the raw fact is, we get the job done properly.

Bespoke Web Development
Bespoke builds are our main area of expertise. We design websites around your exact needs and have a specific structure and process to success in this area. Tailored to the clients exact requirements, a bespoke site dramatically increases efficiency and sales while keeping your business at the forefront of technology. When planned effectively, these sites are scalable with no obvious limits.

Content Managed Systems (CMS)
This kind of website is built on an existing framework which allows you to control all aspects of a website without loosing its look and feel. There are very good systems, templates and plug-ins on the market which result in a brilliant website solution. While these solutions are great, they may not be the solution for everyone as you have to work within the constraints set out by any system.