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Spotliet Media Network

Spotliet Media is the company that brings you the premiere interactive website for young people. It has been created to give young people an insight into how the media industry works.

The media is a powerful force, influencing the views and perceptions society. Although the media is responsible for providing us with up to date information from home and abroad, it can also be used to sensationalise and misinterpret information. It is also responsible for the imbalance of the portrayal of young people. Through Spotliet, we hope to encourage young people to use and create media content in a responsible way.

Spotliet will offer talented students the chance to submit media to an established media company. For film students, they can upload their films directly to the site, where a captive audience awaits their content. Likewise, students studying journalism can post their articles for users to read and invite critical feedback.

Ikonn is responsible for all printed artwork used for admin and promotional purposes.

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