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London website design  
London website design
  MARCH 2013

The Leadership Zone
Management Training website build

We have recently completed a new website for The Leadership Zone. Along with insightful information this site features an XML booking process integrated with a Paypal payment gateway to make booking and payment seamless. This is a bespoke build tailored for the client needs.

Founded by David Goodman, The Leadership Zone is the first choice consultancy for organisations that value their “human capital” and are committed to realising the potential of their staff. By combining extensive leadership expertise with a deep understanding of people management, their team of associates are able to provide practical, focused and highly effective management training and executive coaching. The underlying belief is that people have the resources within themselves to achieve their goals; however few people manage to optimise these resources alone.

On an individual basis the Leadership Zone will give you the skills and confidence to maximise your potential. On an organisational level their training is delivered on the premise that leadership and management are both a science and an art; a science, because at times it is prescriptive; an art, because at other times it must be creative.