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Company History

Established in 1978, Hertfordshire-based 'Soundstage' is an innovative company dedicated to creating Sound and Vision systems of ultimate quality. The name derives from a phrase describing a system which best duplicates the sonic environment of a concert hall. As this suggests, they set their standards very high. The products offered are among the best in the industry. Using advanced installation techniques they ensure consistent performance of unalloyed excellence.
Superior Sound and Vision involves more than technology. As a constantly-evolving practice with over 25 years experience, their vision and depth of knowledge mean they provide the best for those who accept no compromises.


Working Relationship

We have been working with Soundstage since 1999. At this time Soundstage was already a well established family business. They had a brand which they were happy with and their business and work ethic was already in place and working. At this stage Ikonn produced standard work such as stationery and on odd occasions adverts placed in the local papers.

In August 2002 Soundstage decided they needed to expand and revamp every element of the company structure. Ikonn was commissioned to aid this task. Many meetings and planning took place, gathering information not only on artwork and website design issues but plans on the building in which the business operates. New counters, display stands, demonstration rooms, shop front and shop transport all needed careful consideration before a working brief with timescales was put into practice.

The first task was to re-brand the company. We created strict design guidelines and proceeded to re-design the logo. The next stage was to apply this new brand structure to stationery and folders. Once the new identity was established we then continued to create editorial ads. We moved away from only advertising in local publications to gain exposure in national mainstream magazines. A regular slot was placed in 'Home Cinema Choice' magazine to great effect. Immediately the company was perceived as a national 'big player' in the industry. Adverts are now placed frequently. The main goal being brand awareness.

The next challenge was launch of the company website. Soundstage had never had a website designed before so this was a new venture for them. We contained three mini sites within the main site to separate their three main areas of business. Commercial, Residential and Automotive. This idea worked well as the user was not bombarded with information they did not want. This website has recently been removed in anticipation for the latest version. Soundstage have now become one of the UKs preferred suppliers and installers of high-end AV equipment and as a result have dropped the automotive part of the business.

The shop renovation was the final stage in Soundstages revamp. Because we decided to use brown and grey as part of the new brand we felt that wherever possible, the grey would be replaced by silver. With this in mind, signwriters / signfitters were contacted to re-create the new logo using wood (brown) and titanium (silver). The result was exceptional. The company who made the shop counter was also provided with the new artwork and made the counter accordingly. This also fits in perfectly with what we wanted to achieve.

Soundstage has now taken a huge step forward in the Audio Visual market and continues to make its mark amongst its competitors.


Company History
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The Showroom

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